Am I my true self? or Am I who others wanted me to become?

when we see ourselves more clearly and accept ourselves more for what we are rather than as how others would like us to be, we can understand that others are equal to us, sharing basic human qualities, yet distinct as individuals
— T Merry

My Approach is to Help You Find Your True Self

There are many Coaches out there. It's important to find a person with whom you feel comfortable, someone that you can be honest and open with. However its also very important to understand what the purpose of the Coaching sessions are about. Many people who want Coaching are actually looking for Counselling. There is nothing wrong with that as long as both parties are clear about what the session is for. In fact for some people its actually very helpful to have a period of Counselling before the Coaching begins.

My approach to Coaching is based on the Self Concept. 

Are you who you think you are or are you who others wanted you to become? Are you the person you always wanted to become or have you forgotten who you are? In life we all have people such as partners, parents, teachers, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, the wider society in general who influence our self-concept. As babies (usually) our basic needs get met by attracting attention with crying, by smiling or just by being cute babies. As we grow older we alter what comes naturally in order to please others and therefore to feel approved and loved. As time goes by are inclined to conform to what society expects, sometimes at the expense of what we really want - we forget who we really are. 

With my training on the self concept I will help you to understand who you really are and therefore to become more self aware. This will give you greater clarity about what you want to achieve and will help you to make decisions in your professional and personal life, which will all lead to one thing, - work towards becoming your true self and therefore to feel more fulfilled. 


PERSONAL self concept

 (main focus is for the person to understand who they really are).

As we grow up there is a tendency to seek to please others and thereby we lose sight of what we really want to do with our lives. Maybe we wanted to please a demanding parent by getting good grades and going to the best university but we sacrificed something we really wanted to do - play sports, do drama. Over time this can mean we lost sight of what we really wanted in life. Later on in our careers did we chase that big promotion for status and money when actually a better work life balance and a smaller car would have made us happier.

Exploring the personal self concept will help us to become more self aware so that we can begin to make changes in our lives in order to feel more fulfilled in ourselves.

professional self concept

(main focus is how the self concept affects ones DECISIONS IN THE WORKPLACE).

We spend a substantial amount of our lifetime working. For many of us this involves long hours, the strain of commuting, workplace stress and anxiety. This has an inevitable impact on our private lives. Some people can still find a work life balance that they are comfortable with, but for others there are family and relationship consequences.  There are also occasions when we compromise what we believe to be right for us in order to achieve the corporate objectives.

Exploring the personal self concept will enable us to make more informed decisions in the workplace that are consistent with our true self. This can produce a big improvement in engagement and morale as a result of reduced anxiety and stress.

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