Anxiety is a term, which covers many different problems, and it is estimated that one in four of us will suffer from it at some point in our lives. Often the feelings of anxiety will pass when the underlying cause is dealt with but for some people the anxious state may continue for a long period of time and it can have a severely detrimental impact on their lives. Some of the main features of anxiety are excessive worry about different issues and at times it can occur with a depressive disorder.

Anxiety can have many symptoms: some physical, like headaches, tiredness, palpitations, panic attacks; some behavioural like sleeplessness, obsessive thoughts or anti-social behaviour.

Some people for example get anxious before they fly, others get anxious every time the phone rings in case they will hear bad news, another person might have recurrent dreams which make them wake up anxious, a pregnant woman might be anxious throughout the pregnancy period. However some people might feel anxious and not know the reason why.

Counselling may help the client to manage and understand the causes and effects of anxiety with a view to helping to overcome the impact it is having on their life.