We are all involved in relationships, as part of a couple, as a parent, child or sibling, or as a friend or colleague.  Many of these relationships will at some point come under pressure and cause problems for us.

Often we will report that our partners have changed or that they have grown apart.  Sometimes we feel trapped in a relationship and don’t know how to escape.  Sometimes we don’t know what it is that is causing problems in our relationship. We might start thinking that it is our fault that these relationships have broken down.

Sometimes there is an expectation that two people in a relationship should feel the same, think the same, become somehow "identical. The reality is that two people are very seldom the same because of differences in their socioeconomic status, gender, race, sexual preferences and religious beliefs.

Counselling can help an individual or a couple explore the difficulties they are experiencing with a neutral party in order to try to identify and resolve for themselves the problem and what they want to do about it. 

It can also be used if you have reached a point where communication has broken down and you need a professional mediator/therapist to help you re-communicate with a member of your family or a friend, I could help you create and environment where I will facilitate a discussion with the members involved. 

If you are unsure about anything don’t hesitate to give me a call to discuss a way forward.