"what is the problem and who's problem is it?"

I am a Qualified Supervisor and offer Clinical Supervision to Individuals and groups. In it's 2016 Ethical Framework BACP recommends supervision to "anyone providing therapeutically-based services, working in roles that require regularly giving or receiving emotionally challenging communications, or engaging in relationally complex and challenging roles". 

Professional supervision will benefit anyone in a  managerial role. We all have personal lives and when we are in employment the two aspects of our lives could influence each other immensely. By having supervision we could keep things in check!

I offer the following two kinds of supervision.

clinical supervision                        -health care professionALS-

 (main focus is clinical work).

In clinical supervision I will be supporting the supervisee to reflect on the therapeutic work they are doing with their clients. The aim is to maximise the effectiveness of the therapeutic relationship and to be supportive but also to monitor and safeguard the interests of the client.  Where appropriate I will offer suggestions for professional development. The purpose of the supervision will be to encourage the individual to work on their ethics, boundaries and responsibilities. In a nutshell, it is an opportunity to discuss case studies and any other professional issues. This supervision will include exploring any safeguarding issues for vulnerable adults and young people. 

professional supervision

(main focus is how the professional operates in their workplace ).

I call it a “reflection space” because it gives the professional (any professional) the chance to explore what is going on for them and how their state of being (professional and personal) might be impacting on their work and/or personal lives. It is an opportunity for the individual to explore in a contained, safe and constructive environment issues that they might not be able to explore with their manager. 


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