Anger is a basic human emotion however it can also be a very destructive force if a person is unable to control the way they express it. An inability to express anger can lead to physical problems, depression and anxiety. Expressing anger in a destructive way can have a severely detrimental effect on the person and the people around them.

If the person gets consumed with anger they might get obsessed with how to get revenge, how to make other people feel their pain and anger and thoughts of “I will feel so much better if I make them feel how they make me feel”. 

There are different ways of getting rid of anger and it is important for the person to be aware of the effects that anger is causing on them and the people around them.  If for example a person chooses not to do anything with their anger they might end up feeling depressed or stressed.  On the other hand if a person chooses to express their anger in a non-constructive way they might end up in trouble with the law or hurting another person or themselves.

Counselling may help to understand what triggers explosive outbursts of anger or why a person is unable to express what they are feeling and thus to find a constructive way to divert feelings of anger.