Stress is the pressure of dealing with everyday life. It is a condition, which we will all experience. Sometimes it builds up gradually but it can also be brought on by sudden and often traumatic events such as bereavement, loss of a job, divorce, moving house or relocation.

People with excessive levels of stress alongside other symptoms may report headaches, tiredness, skin problems, poor memory and concentration, lack of motivation, disturbed sleep, anger, high blood pressure and relationship difficulties or changes in lifestyle such as increased alcohol consumption or sleeplessness. Sometimes, and that depends on the levels of stress one might be suffering from, the effects of stress could impact on the people whom we live and socialize with.  An increased level of stress has the potential to make us feel antisocial and thus end up isolating ourselves. 

I have worked with people who have suffered work related stress, caused by insufficient management, work over load or from too many demands being placed upon them.  Work related stress develops when a person feels undermined at work, when they feel not listened to and when they are not happy with what they are doing.  Counselling may help a person understand and deal with the underlying causes of the stress they are experiencing and address resulting issues such as low self-esteem or behavioural changes.